Do I need to exercise while on the ketogenic diet

The Role of Exercise On The Ketogenic Diet

Do I Need To Exercise While On The Ketogenic Diet? Without doubt, exercise is extremely important, whether you are following a low carb, ketogenic lifestyle or not. However, exercise is able to act more efficiently when following a ketogenic diet. Let’s face it- the primary reason you are exercising is to look good, period. Sure, […]

Is Ketogenic Diet a Fad Diet

Is the Ketogenic Diet a Fad Diet?

Why The Ketogenic Diet Is NOT A Fad Diet….But A Lifestyle You’ve undoubtedly heard of the low carb diet, or even tried it at one point in your life. Maybe you had some degrees of success, but found any “fad” diet too hard to maintain, typically, this is what happens with most people who choose fad […]

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